Welcome to the Voxatron Wiki!

This Wiki is all about things in the game "Voxatron", developed by Lexaloffle Games . Whether you want to see info on enemies, powerups, or levels on adventure, this wiki has it.

Game Info

First Time Playing Guide - A guide to help you get started.

General Game Summary - A description of the the game Voxatron.

Enemies - A list of all enemies.

Powerups - A list of all powerups.

Items - A list of items that increase your score.

Gamemodes - All three gamemodes: Adventure , Arcade , and BBS Levels .

Level Editor- A tool used to create and share custom made levels.

Updates - A list of all the later updates to the game.

Wiki Info

News - News about the wiki

Rules - Rules you should follow when editing a page.

Stubs - A list of all the articles that need further editing, help the wiki!

Latest activity

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