Power-ups are special items that aid the player during the course of the gameplay. They have varying effects ranging from boosting the player's fire power to creating bridges to traverse dangerous terrain.

As there is no inventory system in the game, all power-ups are immediately triggered on pick-up. Weapon upgrades will replace existing weapon upgrades if picked up (including the Sword of Fortune). Ammunition for special weapons do not stack if picked up multiple times.

Health PackEdit

Health Pack
The Health Pack replenishes 1 heart. If the health meter is full, the health pack will instead increase the player's score by 100. The player can choose whether to take the 100 points or leave it there until he gets hurt. Some Health Packs disappear over time.


The Bomb is a devastating area-of-effect weapon that kills nearby enemies and destroys voxels (it does not hurt the player, however).

Triple ShotEdit

Triple shot
The Triple Shot fires groups of two shots that alternate between left-middle and middle-right. When picked up, the player is given 70 shots.


The Blaster fires one large round at a time. It does five points of damage (four more than the pea shooter) per shot, and causes more damage to the environment. However, it suffers from a slower firing rate. When picked up, the player is given 30 shots.


The Build weapon fires "sticky" blocks that can be chained to build bridges and other structures. It also damages enemies, and offers a quicker firing rate than the pea shooter. When picked up, the player is given 30 shots.

Bonus MultiplierEdit

Bonus Multiplier
The Bonus Multiplier doubles your score multiplier.


The Freeze freezes all existing enemies on screen for 5 seconds. Enemies that spawn after this power-up is picked up will not be frozen.


The Duplicator creates a copy of all the enemies on screen. It is the only item in the game so far that can be a hindrance to the player.

Sword of FortuneEdit

The Sword of Fortune fires multiple small voxels that travel in an arc for a short distance, resembling the slashing motion of an actual sword. The actual sword does damage according to the distance between the player and the enemy (a larger distance results in lower damage). These voxels can reflect projectiles. This power-up is only active until the player is hit, at which point the sword disappears, restoring the player's original appearance. When picked up, it increases score multiplier to x3.